Having evolved from its initial role as a producer of live entertainment, LiveSquare is a next-generation company which focuses on the art of showmaking. Specializing in the art of capturing spellbinding moments and creating magical atmospheres of storytelling through the combination of cutting-edge live technology and groundbreaking ingenuity, LiveSquare has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with.


LED Pixel & Projection Mapping

Our state-of-the-art projection mapping solutions allow the placement of custom-made animations and still images across illuminated LED panel arrays or custom 2D/3D surfaces using high-powered projectors, instantly transforming them into fantastic yet realistic landscapes, turning every part of it into a usable element within the map as necessary. Every surface is our digital canvas!
Customized Animation, VFX and SFX

We conceptualize and develop premier-grade 2D and 3D animations in diverse stylistic varieties for use in our shows, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of our distinguished clientele. Our in-house art direction and production team ensures maximum attention to quality, consistency and attention to detail.
Interactive Live Performance

What happens when rigorously trained stage performers perform against a LED pixel-mapped background, or among a projection-mapped landscape, interacting with their surroundings in the process of telling a story through their actions? Pure magic ensues amidst the perfect marriage of reality and fantasy.
Live Video Mix

We have the technological capability to capture a live regular HD or 360° camera feed, map it on to a LED array or a projection-mapped surface, and apply effects to it in real time, adding a new level of immersion and wonder to a live performance.
Live HD/360°/VR Video Broadcast

Looking to professionally broadcast your show or across the internet for an enthusiastic audience? Look no further than our broadcasting solutions to maintain an expertly edited video feed with multiple camera angles over a rock-solid connection for as long as you need, in standard high-definition formats as well as fully panoramic 360° ones.
Augmented Reality

We bridge the worlds of reality and science fiction through augmented reality, by superimposing entertainment-focused or informative graphical overlays on real-time visuals of the real world as seen through the lens of a camera, be it part of a static video capture installation or the intrepid one of your smartphone.
Interactive Motion Platforms

Need interaction solutions that go beyond fiddling with conventional keyboards, mice or gamepads? That's where our motion control platforms come in. Whether you need a collection of buttons, knobs and faders, or want to transcend it all by controlling things in real time with movements of your hands in the air, we can make it happen.
Live HD/360°/VR Video Postproduction

Finished shooting your event, but need someone to composite the shots, colour-grade them, add other postproduction elements and make it look like a proper production? Look no further than our high-end offline editing solutions. Delivering in high-definition formats as well as fully panoramic 360° ones for VR purposes, our videos are custom-made to impress.

Beautiful animations that appear to magically hover in three-dimensional space. Right there in the middle of your event, encased in an inverted pyramid or between sheets of glass. What are you waiting for?

When outstanding lighting and audio solutions are insufficient to create the right volume of shock and awe that a specific situation requires, we complete the mix by breaking in live pyrotechnics. Be it brilliant jets of flame or showers of gleaming sparks, or streams of smoke, available for triggering in real time, we can deliver it all.
Sequenced Programmed Lighting

We are experts at programming the movement, colours and intensity of DMX-compatible lights in perfect synchronization with show cues, and we can even program the lights to react to audio impulses, increasing the immersion of the experience even further. Our wide range of lights and lighting equipment can accommodate any event of any scale as required, adding the ultimate touches of class and visual appeal to stylistically complete the whole setup.
True Quadrophonic Surround Audio

No public event is complete without a proper sound system, and whatever your requirement is, we are prepared to meet it with our array of audio hardware. We offer true quadrophonic (4-channel) audio to ensure absolute and equal distribution of sound throughout the location and simulate a complete audioscape in vivid reality.
Modular Augmented Stages

Our customized stage designs are fully modular in nature, and its components can be reorganized and reassembled to create novel appearances with minimal effort. The stages are also specially augmented with hydraulic movement systems, allowing specific parts of them to be slid open/closed or raised/lowered to real time signal cues as required.
Holographic & Display Installations

Nothing adds a touch of class to an event venue or even an office complex like one of our custom-built installations. These kiosks are specially designed to play beautiful animations on a screen or even in three-dimensional space.
Experience Previsualization

Need to give your honoured clients and guests a sneak peek of your upcoming event, your new office or anything else? We can meticulously craft a 3D video that would serve as a fully detailed to-scale simulation of the whole thing, allowing viewers to experience a taste of what is to come. Taking the ‘experience’ component of experience simulation videos to the next level, our real-time walkthrough technology allow the viewer to witness and interact with and within a virtual representation of your event, your new office or anything else using a stereoscopic 3D headset that ensures maximum virtual reality (VR) immersion.
Equipment & Logistics Rental

You would be hard-pressed to find better equipment than our LED panels and projection systems to display stunning visuals or to relay feeds from the live cameras, or our state-of-the-art speaker systems to immerse the entire location in our outstanding quadrophonic surround audio. Whatever your requirement is, we are prepared to meet it with our diverse array of hardware, all available for rental.
No matter what your show is about, we can deliver a magical experience across the entire spectrum of human senses that will be remembered by all who witness it in action.
We always tell the stories that can stand the test of time.


LiveSquare is proud to have worked with many outstanding partners who have contributed immensely to our myriad of successes.

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